“Spirit leads us on our journeys without borders.”



FACING YOUR DESTINY, EBook, India 2016 will come soon in spring 2017. It follows my recent travel project. It is a call to action, a fire to light under us all so that we find the courage to make the longest journey we will ever make—the journey from a HEART to HEART and back again. When you make this journey, the mind quiets and the heart begins leading your way to understanding your life’s mission you were put on the Earth as a gift to Life Itself.

So, come on….

As I came to you, take a sit next to me in the quietness to tune our hearts first.  No matter who you are: a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or follower of your Supreme Mind Guru as I sat with you all.  Do you remember me by my hug, my smile or my kiss on your third eye? I listened to your soul stories and commented almost nothing.  Now is my turn to speak of what I saw and felt when my God was meeting your God just in the middle of the energy on the stage of our hearts. There were many obstacles to climb over to meet East and West just in the middle:

 ….as Traveling Lady Moon says: “Let me know your Gods first, and poured herself her first cappuccino, in a long wait when a young East Indian man starts talking, finally”…..

FACING YOUR DESTINY is for all soul seekers who feel powerless in their present situation. One who is looking for a new way of healing their own souls:  reaching new heights, empowerment, and encouragement which will be revealed by witnessing a solo woman traveling from the Himalayas to Kerala, at the edge of Mother India.


One with a desire to create living arts from his/her life using your earthly existence here and now!

ONE who feels like they have been sucked into a life of chaos not knowing where to go or how to start rebuilding a new life and looking for your soul’s call.

Or simply, all people, no matter where you, facing your Destiny alone.

Don’t let this inspirational story pass you by!


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